Three Ideas to Treat Asbestos

Three Ideas to Treat Asbestos

Asbestos was a popular building resource in Australia until its progressive ban from the late ’80’s to 2003 as the health risks associated with the resource were discovered. When damaged, the fibres released can be inhaled causing chronic and life threatening respiratory problems such as lung cancer and asbestosis. Thusly the removal of asbestos can seem paramount to ensure a safe home and work environment. However, are there other ways to deal with the various types of asbestos in our day to day lives?


The first step to dealing with asbestos is to have a professional assess the amount, type, location, and health risk the asbestos poses. Asbestos Testing, will enable you to call an asbestos professional and they will come to you to collect a sample which they will take to an NATA accredited laboratory and return the results directly to you which can happen within 24 hours. However, multiple samples may take longer. Utilizing a professional will also help keep yourself and others safe as they will inform you of any risks of health risks or contamination.

Cover it

Encapsulation is the process of safely covering asbestos without impeding on space or property value. Asbestos can be far less hazardous when covered properly by professionals, while a wallpaper job or a poster won’t quite do the trick professional encapsulation can be one of the safest ways to deal with Asbestos!


Why Encapsulation?:

  • Minimizes disturbing the asbestos
  • Faster than a full removal
  • Less Invasive
  • One of the most cost effective ways to deal with Asbestos within the home or business!


Encapsulation is best done by a team of professionals to ensure full coverage and safety.


The most popular method and most commonly thought of solution to dealing with asbestos is removal. Removing can vary in difficulty depending on the location, condition, and affordability.  Removal is best done by licensed professionals like Asbestos Removal , as they know the risks and health hazards associated with the removal of the asbestos present and can combat them accordingly, accredited professionals are also aware of the laws surrounding the removal and disposal of said asbestos and can do so without causing damage to the property and surrounding environment. Many removalists are also linked to roofers and builders who can replace the removed asbestos with safe structures to your needs or specifications.


Why Removal?

  • The safest solution- No asbestos=no danger from asbestos
  • If the asbestos is heavily damaged, removal may be the only option
  • Less worries
  • Future remodeling becomes safer
  • DIY projects become less hazardous


Removal can be complicated and should be done by licensed professionals to ensure the best and safest results possible.


Leave it

Asbestos is only harmful when inhaled into the lungs, this can only happen when it becomes fibrous or breaks releasing ‘dust’ into the air. So if the asbestos within your home is unbroken and in good condition you can just leave it be without much concern to your health. It is however a good idea to regularly check it to ensure no new damage has occurred that may realise fibres into the air you breath. Leaving the asbestos can save you money until it needs to be dealt with, before you make the decision to leave asbestos in your home it’s a smart idea to have a professional access the state of the asbestos to ensure it is safe for you and your family.




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