Facts and Tips on Bed and Breakfast

Facts and Tips on Bed and Breakfast

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in a cozy bedroom of a townhouse city or peaceful cottage on a country farm or perhaps a luxurious hotel or maybe a castle, before you have your breakfast? You may experience this moment if you stay in a bed and breakfast or also known as B & B.


Do you know what B & B is?


Usually abbreviated as B & B or BnB, a Bed and Breakfast. It can be described as a small, independent accommodation with bed and breakfast in a cozy atmosphere. Unlike “similarity” in a hotel or motel, bed and breakfasts are unique properties. Many are owned by a family and operated by an innkeeper or owner. Often BnBs are old renovated houses, many were already majestic houses, many are in extraordinary places, and each one is definitely individual. Many of BnBs are found in quiet residential areas, in small towns even in unknown places. However, you can also find them in big cities and popular destinations. B & B provides overnight accommodation as well as breakfast.


Mostly BnB is private family houses that normally have four to eleven rooms and compared to the traditional hotels, inns, motels and resorts, B & B is more intimate.  Commonly, you can find hosts in Bnb houses.


Old historic buildings converted into B & B properties, often retain their characters while discreetly integrating comfort and modern technology such as individual heating/air conditioning, capacious rooms. Also, there is a private bathroom, an extra big flat-screen TV as well as a seating area. All in all, a bed and breakfast are usually designed to create an ambience of romance, relaxation, comfort and charm.


How to Find Local Bed and Breakfast?


According to a survey conducted by Local University in February 2013, nearly half American adults who are internet users would start their search for bed and breakfast from a search engine.


The word of mouth, the travel pages, the bed and breakfast website and the comments were all crucial parts in making a final choice on whereabouts. Social media was a trivial contributor while printed materials were a small reference of customers. Although sites of social media are essential to customer relationships, they should not be perceived as a source of customer acquisition.


There were specific behaviors based on age which suggest that social media can be a source of future visitors, especially to young adults. Older adults prefer travel websites to find local bed and breakfast, and although all favorite adult search engines, this was especially true for the youngest.


The followings are the concluded answers from the correspondents when they were asked about how to find local bed and breakfast.


  • Social networks
  • Search engines
  • Google search
  • Good guidelines
  • Professional photography
  • 3rd party reviews


Here is some information on how to find local bed and breakfast:


If you want to personalize your stay, you can choose B & B over other forms of accommodation. You can start by getting acquainted with the locals and in a lot of cases get a warm and friendly room at the similar price as the main chain hotel.


You may be overwhelmed when searching for B & B since there are abundant of types of B & B available. There are many excellent features to get B & B both online and offline.


Does a B & B fit you?


B & Bs are preferred options for some travelers, but not for everyone. You could take into a consideration a B & B if:


  • You are favored smaller, more intimate rooms than a big hotel.
  • You have a high opinion of the fact that these rooms are personally decorated, particularly with antiques or ancient furniture.
  • You will enjoy getting to know others during a lavish shared breakfast.
  • If you treasure more charm compared to amenities, do not bother with the use of the internet or other modern amenities.
  • You want to live in residential areas or quiet rural areas.
  • You are searching for exclusive accommodation for adults only (Children are not accepted in many BnB).
  • You like to enjoy having an experience of a “being away from home” – including whimsical touches like the cat of innkeepers that loves to curl up in the living room corner.
  • You love getting the personal attention and an innkeeper’s expertise at your disposal.
  • You prefer getting transparent prices.


On the contrary, you might want to stay away from B & B if:


  • Search for amenities like gyms, swimming pools, room service as well as business center.
  • Value privacy and anonymity of a large hotel.
  • Prefer eating alone or with your traveling buddy to talk to a group of strangers.
  • Have a tight budget (B & B are usually a bit more expensive than ultra-budget motels and hotels).


If you decide to stay in B & B, there are some things which you need to tell you hosts beforehand, including:


  • Whether you need to eat breakfast along with other guests.
  • Whether you are permitted to eat breakfast in your own room or take your breakfast to go.
  • What to do if you are late for your check-in.
  • Whether you are allowed to take your pet.
  • Whether you are allowed to ask your hosts for advice about trip-planning, what to see within the area.



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